Selection of security door in 3 steps

A security door is a complex functional product that characterizes the style, luxury and prestige of the residence, the office, the detached house and the apartment building.

The 3 steps for choosing the proper security door are the following:

1. Selection of anti-breaking class

In accordance with the European regulation ENV 1627, class 3 is considered the highest indicated class for apartment, house or office.
For a security door with a special and simple aesthetic, choose a sleek or pivot door.

2. Selection of decorative investments

Depending on the style and luxury of the space, for doors exposed to atmospheric conditions, marine wood veneers are used, aluminum or temperate glass.

Choice of security door accessories:

  • Handle
  • Knob
  • Color

For entrance security door of apartment building or office:

An electric security lock is needed with electrofire function or electromagnetic lock which locks and unlocks automatically at each opening.

3. Ensuring the correct door installation

If you choose a door with the highest resistance to burglary, you must also ensure the proper way of installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

The trained and experienced crews of Alfino Door guarantee security doors great resistance to all weather conditions.

Alfinodoor after sale service

The lifespan and operation of Alfino Security Doors are unlimited. Doors that have been installed since 1995 are still operating, upgrading, and showing no signs of aging.

Security door certification

The few basic elements that differentiate a security door from an ordinary front door that make it security is:

  • The steel case
  • The steel frame
  • The steel shield of the sheet covered with decorative coatings
  • The security lock
  • The movable and fixed locking pistons around the door

But can a front door be considered a security door just because it has the above basic elements? Even if it offers security, what are the criteria that differentiate the degree of security?

Security doors are graded and classified into security categories, depending on the efficiency that shows during their test in specific tests. The new European standard ENV 1627: 1999 sets out the test methods and the measurable values to be presented live the doors under test.

According to this, security doors are certified by recognized certification, which performs the tests. Each door to be certified goes through three types of tests. Because every test is destructive that is why the certification body tests three identical specimens, one for each test.

The first two tests certify the degree of durability of the door under the exercise of static and dynamic loads at specific values and specified intervals specified by the standard.

In the third test, specialized technical staff of certification bodies makes various types of burglary attempts on the door with various means and tools that the average burglar may have.

The door is classified into specific categories with a rating from 1 to 6 in ascending order, taking into account:

a. the degree of deformation that occurs at predetermined points of the door during the static load test.

b. the degree of deformation that occurs at predetermined points of the door during the dynamic load test.

c. the duration of the burglary attempt and the means (tools) used during the test in a manual burglary attempt.

For more information about security doors in Athens contact Alfino Door, the door specialists. Find anything related to security doors that are in the current market. The security of homes is an issue that must be treated with great care and responsibility.

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